You really want to hear my political opinions? Well, OK..

It is fall 2016. I'm a leftist liberal moonbat.

The Republican Party has gone completely bat-shit insane.

The Democrats are spineless corportist wimps, but they are at least not actively trying to burn down the entire system.

If by some chance you are reading this before November 8.. don't vote for Donald freaking Trump. The man is utterly unqualified to be president, in terms of experience, temprement and intellect. Vote for Hillary Clinton. Yes, I know you've been told every day for 25 years that she's Satan incarnate, but that was mostly lies, told by people who hate and despise her because she's an accomplished, successful, driven woman. She'll make a fine President. Oh, and vote for Democratic sentators, so she can actually get her Cabinet appointed and refill the depleted Federal judiciary.

Less topically.. I do not consider myself a Christian, but Jesus had some good and useful things to say.

That said.. the founding document of the US is the Constitution, not the Bible.

Too many people who DO call themselves Patriots and Christians appear to have never actually read either document.

The government shouldn't "own everything", but, yes, power and water and the access to information should be in public hands.

If a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist in the first place.

The literal handful of corportions controlling entertainment and the news in the US should also be broken up.

There should be universal single-payer healthcare.

There should be a sharply progressive national income tax.

Washington state, my home, should institute an income tax as well, and scale back the sales taxes and whatnot.

Global climate change is a fact. We are currently not dealing with it.

The US should not attack Iran.

Equal rights for women and sexual minorities should be officially added to the Constitution by amendment.

Corporations, in turn, are immortal inhuman sociopaths and should have their Constitutional rights severely restrained.

(But again, they have their place; just stick to building self-sealing stembolts and autogyro foot-baths, OK, guys?)

Any two fully-informed consenting adults who love each other should be able to have sex and get married without censure or penalty.

Or rather, register their civil union down at the courthouse. Wanna get married? Go to your church/temple/sacred grove.

Abortions, or, even better, 100% effective birth control should be legal, safe, and freely available on demand.

If Americans do have kids, they should be able to take several months of paid maternity leave and have their jobs waiting for them at the end.

Pot should be decriminalized, with the same advertising restrictions that now cover cigerettes.

We should grow more hemp for clothing and paper.

We should stop smoking cigarettes.

We should buy more of our food from local farms. CSAs are cool.

We should build more commuter trains and bike paths.

We should build more libraries.

Trying to pass a single gun law to cover the whole US is an exercise in futility. The gun needs of someone in Wyoming are not the same as someone living in Manhatten. But still.. there must be something we can do to stop the weekly civilian massacres.

Within ten years there will be a deadly-serious wide-spread successionist movement somewhere in the US.

Still.. you're alive. You're real. You're the center of a vast and marvellous universe! So go out occasionally and look up at the stars and wonder what's going on out there at the fringes.

And like Jesus said, don't be a jerk. Try to be nice to people. Yes, even the bat-shit insane troglodytes, and the leftist moonbats.

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Kos used to be on this list, until he shot his sexist mouth off about something one too many times. I'm sure he's crushed by his removal.

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Last Updated August 29, 2015