Geoduck Dwarf Fortress 12x12

AUGUST 29, 2016

Be aware that I've switched to using (and updating) my 16x16 tileset, and this one will probably only sort of work with the current version of Dwarf Fortress. I'm leaving it up, but use at your own risk.

Don't know what Dwarf Fortress is? You can learn more here and here.
Then there's the game's official site and the forum.

Came back after all that? OK. Like a lot of folks, it took me a long time to get into this game; it doesn't just have a learning curve, it has a learning Matterhorn. When I finally fought my way to the top (well, near the top), and realized the Fun that can be had, I was still annoyed with the default "all-ASCII" graphic-display option.

Other people had felt the same way, and created graphic tilesets to depict their fortress's resident manic-depressive alcoholics. Unfortunately, most of them, while certainly better-looking than the original ASCII, still left you squinting at vague little blobs scurrying around the screen. So, as with NetHack before it, I set out to create...

The "Geoduck" Dwarf Fortress Graphics Set (Version 3.0)
Updated July 15, 2012

(Pause to allow the ASCII purists to leave..)
For the rest of you.. below you will find graphic sets for all five major Dwarf Fortress races: Dwarves, Goblins, Humans, Elves, and Kobolds; each .bmp file is accompanied by a .txt file. The set is sized 12x12 pixels, and was designed to be viewed on my 1024x768 monitor. It will replace only the five listed races, no other creatures or objects.

For any die-hards out there, I have tested it with the 40d and 31_01.XX versions of Dwarf Fortress, and it seems to work with both; yes, in all versions this means there are several tiles that won't get used; as occupations get dropped in-game, I leave them in my set.

And yes again, if like me, you just play bog-standard Fortress-mode, you'll never see a lot of these. I have included what Adventure-mode stuff I have heard about. With the Dwarves at least, I have attempted to sorta-mostly match the colors to the original ASCII (and the in-game Stocks screen), keep it all as simple as possible, and make each occupation recognizable at a glance. Did I succeed? I dunno. I like it better than the default. Let me know what you think.











Or if you want them all at once, here's a zip file containing everything.
I swiped the design for my goblins from someone's screenposting on the DF Forum; unfortunately, I didn't note who it was. Since it helped inspire this whole project, my thanks to you, whoever you are out there.

Yes, the Dwarves are color-coordinated, and the other species mostly aren't. It just looked better that way.
Another DF pet peeve of mine is the fact that with the obligatory SCREAMING PURPLE it's hard to tell what a set will look like in the actual game, so below you can see all the sets with a black background. As indicated, DO NOT USE THE BELOW FILE IN THE GAME. It will NOT work!
And here are a couple of in-game shots. Note that I use a pesonalized tileset as well, so some of the inanimate objects may look slightly different than usual. They will not change in your copy of the game.
Seven lunatics brave founders newly
arrived with their wagon.
A more established fort, complete with
Goblin prisoner and Elf merchants.
Brave Pioneers Drink and Industry

If you want to try part or all of the set out, you need to be using some variety of 12x12 tile setup. You then copy/unzip the desired SCREAMING PURPLE file(s) onto your computer's hard drive, saving them under the raw/graphics subdirectory for your current Dwarf Fortress game. You then copy the relevent .txt file(s) into that same directory, and make sure they are the only ones in the directory which make any reference to the species in question. If you haven't already done so, you also need to open your game's data/init/init.txt file using Notepad or whatever, and change the line [GRAPHICS:NO] to [GRAPHICS:YES].

Important note: with the 34_XX version of Dwarf Fortress, each fort you create saves off its own copy of the raw/graphics directory (data/save/regionX/raw/graphics). Be sure and get the files into the directory for the fort you are using, not just the main one!

Strike the earth!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions,
please drop me a line at


Version 1.1: Fixed the graphics_dwarves_geoduck.txt file entry for OUTPOSTLIAISON. I hope.

Version 2.0: Posted files for all five races, not just Dwarves. Lots of tweaks.

Version 2.1: Had problems making the Outpost Liason correctly appear in both version; added a duplicate entry for hir. Made ranger and hunter helmets leather. Added "epulets" to multi-skilled Elves.

Version 2.2: Added Prisoners and Shopkeepers to all races, although Shopkeepers just re-use the Merchant tile. Gave all Woodworkers more distinctive green/brown epulets. Gave multi-craft Craftfolk a fancy hat. Added a mug of beer to Brewers. Adjusted the position and number of coins that Brokers and Merchants display, and gave all the high-level Merchants hats or crowns. Reworked Dwavish Thief tiles. Gave all Miners dirty faces. Added lures to fisherdwarf hats. Tweaked the colors on Elvish worker-types, and fixed Elvish glassworker tile. Switched to lighter shade of gray on Kobold stoneworkers. Put both "Dungeon_Master" and "Dungeonmaster" in the .txt files.

Version 2.3: Added Clerks and Traders to all races; the Clerk reuses the Bookkeeper tile, the Trader reuses the Broker tile.

Version 2.4: Added all the new professions that came with version 0.31.19, along with shopkeepers, prisoners and slaves. Various small tweaks.

Version 3.0: Came back despite saying I wouldn't, and made a complete overhaul of the whole setup; one major change was giving everyone pupils in their eyes. Also added ghosts.

And as a reward for reading
all the way to the end, here are
TWO count 'em TWO
Dwarf Fortress cartoons I did.

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